October 30th, 2017

I braved my first vendor event last week.  It was my kid’s elementary school’s Fall Fest.  It was only two hours long, which, in my opinion, was a great way to do my first ever vendor event.

Luckily my husband and two kids were there to help set up.  Not that it took long to set up, but it would have taken me at least three trips to my car to get everything out. 

I had zero idea how this would go.  My main goal was to give out business cards and have a few people sign up for my monthly newsletter.  Note to self: create a monthly newsletter. 

I had three types of people in those two hours.  Group one were those who had no idea what a macaron was and gave me the “what the heck is she selling?”.  Group two were those who almost made a beeline to my table because they knew exactly what a macaron was and hadn’t had a decent one since they were stationed in Europe.  Group three were the apprehensive but adventurous macaron virgins.  I have to admit that group three is my favorite demographic.  I love the look on their face when they bite into the macaron and they look at me with equal parts shock and , what emotion is it when your face melts?  Let’s just call it face-meltedness. 

There was, however, a specific favorite moment for me that night.  A grandmother and her grandson came over and were reading the list of ingredients, which I have in huge print since ingredients in macarons include major allergens (egg, dairy, and a nut flour).  Those words are in all caps and in bright red letters.  But I also let everyone know that macarons are naturally gluten free.  “Gluten Free” was in big bold teal letters.  Teal is the color, which represents food allergies.  Fall kicks off the holiday season; many kiddos who are gluten intolerant sometimes don’t get to eat what the other kiddos eat.  Where was I?  Yes, right, the grandma. 

            “These are gluten free?” She asked.

            “They are.” I said. 

She bought three red velvets.  About five minutes later she came briskly walking back over and immediately ordered an entire dozen of them.  She said it was so hard to find gluten free treats that actually taste great.  That was my favorite part.  I have several friends who have children with celiac and I know it is a constant challenge.  Fear not, macarons are celiac safe!



Sarah CainComment