Pumpkin Spice of Life

I've lived many places in our military life.  One must get used to how different seasons feel in different parts of the country or the world.  While it doesn't feel like fall here in Texas to this midwestern transplant, I'm adapting.  When I think of fall I picture football and chili, sipping bourbon after dinner while wearing oversized sweaters and slippers.  Did I mention it is 93 today?  Tomorrow is the official start of, ahem...Autumn.  The military life has taught me adaptability, and to blossom where I'm planted.  Okey dokey.  But It's 93 and I want my hot pumpkin spice latte and it just doesn't taste right if it's 93 out.  I refuse to drink it chilled. You hear me?  REFUSE! It is a matter of principal.  It is a fall flavor and therefore can only be enjoyed when one can see one's breath.

Le sigh...

This is where the magic of the macaron comes in.  I'm working on fall flavors even though I'm still drinking summer beer and wearing tank tops.  I made a batch of pumpkin spice macarons a couple weeks ago and it did two things for me;  they were delicious so  it satisfied my craving for the popular fall flavor without having to drink a hot beverage in hot weather (ewwww), and it gave me hope that eventually Texas will cool down enough where I can at least put my flip flops away for the year. 

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