The Pairing

Holy long time since I blogged, Batman!  

Does anyone else watch Food shows and become inspired?  Or at the very least, super hungry?  It can’t be just me.  I, like any other red blooded American, like to Netflix.  I was in a show hole after just finishing Broadchurch (great show, I recommend if you like true crime type).  Because the subject matter of that show was a little dark and sad, I decided to watch a show just to pass the time while I eat lunch.  Something I can zone out to.  I chose Chef’s Table.  And then I binged it.  And then I saw that there was a Chef’s Table, France edition.  And then just recently they added 4 episodes where they focused all on dessert.  Um, yes please.  I was inspired.  I have wanted to come out with a series of macaron flavors that were somewhat elevated. I didn’t know how they would be perceived.  Watching each episode of Chef’s Table had one common theme; each chef did their own thing and didn’t think twice about it.  

This past Friday evening , I partnered with Salado Winery and Wine Seller, for a wine and macaron pairing.  How can you go wrong with wine and macarons?  The answer is that you can’t!  The flavors I chose to pair with the wines were some that are perhaps not jumped at on the list of flavors I have.  Many people, especially if they are new to the world of macarons, will chose a safe single flavor they are familiar with.  Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon.  I wanted to showcase flavor combinations that had depth and that maybe wouldn’t be chosen by customers if they were buying a dozen.  

I chose the Lime-Basil to pair with Night Flight, which is an unoaked chardonnay.  The wine is crisp and clean, like the clean and herbaceous flavors of lime and basil.   Next was the Dillo Dally, a delicious sweet red, with my coveted Black Raspberry-Balsamic.  I sometimes have a hard time selling the idea of putting vinegar into a dessert to people. I promise it does not taste like salad dressing.  What the vinegar does, in this case it is a black currant vinegar, it cuts the sweetness and really brings out the black raspberry flavor.  Big Bully is a dryer red, full of flavor and made in part with Tampernillo grapes, which have a spicy note.  Cinco de Mayo is coming, so I wanted to hit them with some heat.  A Mexican Hot Chocolate macaron was perfect. Made with a single origin chocolate from Ecuador, that first bite is all chocolate up front and then the heat sneaks up on you.  For the last pairing, and my personal favorite wine that she chose for that night, was William’s Select.  It is a sherry style wine which has strong notes of honey and feels like a warm hug. I needed a macaron to match it’s warm hugginess.  I was inspired by this wine to make this flavor actually, Vanilla Cardamom. Cardamom is one of the main spices added to my favorite tea of all time, Earl Grey.  

It was such a fun evening sharing my passion for macarons with people and being able to highlight these deep delicious flavors, that they may not have ever thought twice about. It was also a blast sharing the evening with June from Salado Winery.  We are two locals who are driven by our crafts, it just so happens that our crafts go hand in hand perfectly.  

We have already decided to put on another pairing night.  We were thinking in the fall, so stay tuned!  This fall I am releasing an artisan line, which will push the boundaries a little further.  I’m the pairing would be the perfect place to debut them.  

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